Photo compilation by David wa Maahlamela.

Nothern Cape Writers festival 12-14 March 2009:

• Names have been listed as per the order of presentations over the three days. In this way, viewers can trace their steps back to the day in order to find information on a writer/artist. To the right of this page, which has been alphabetized by the wordpress programme, you will find individual information on a writer/artist. Before you scroll down, take a moment to enjoy a poem written by one of our participants.

Ah! Kimberley

A tribute to the Northern Cape Writers Festival
By Manichand Beharilal
Especially for Joan Villet, Allen Swartbooi and all from the Dept of Sport, Arts & Culture

He said right front:

It would rain because we came

It rained

Ah! Kimberley

A desert, a town, a place, a people

The San, the Khoi, the Boesman,

the English and Afrikaner, too

Ah! Kimberley

Warmth, love, hospitality, hither and wither

No diamonds needed, no big hole

Just gems a’true

Ah! Kimberley

Poets, artists, singers, writers

The word, the colour, the beat, the rhythm

All rang true

Ah! Kimberley

From first day till last they shined a’bright

With welcome arms abound

Took us to their bosom and cradled us

Naught was said of wherefrom we came

It mattered no less

Just our presence a’grace was fine

Ah! Kimberley

Smiling, laughing, helping, serving

With pride and humility true

Memories were made

For memories will last

Today, tomorrow and for a lifetime, too

Ah! Kimberley

It rained ‘cause you rang true

Ah! Kimberley…..Kimberley……Kimberley

List of speakers, writers and artists.  Please add to the list if you see that someone’s name has not been added as oversights happen.

M. Matyumza
Dr. Don Mattera
Dr. Credo Mutwa
Napo Masheane
Michael Cope
Sabata Mokae
Dr. Rozena Maart
Nigel Penn
Alton Rooy
Dr. Francis Galloway
Vonani Bila
Lebo Mashile
Phillipa Yaa De Villiers
Prof. Ntuli
Dr. Julia Martin
Martin Oppel
Joan Villet
Phenya Modise
Isaac Tau
Dr. Deborah Seddon
David Morris
Dr. J. Semela
Francois Hendricks
Dr. Gomolemo Mokae
P. Langdown
C. Motlhako
C. Hobongwane
Diabgane Tsa Thaping
T. Nemuthanzela
Y. Madolo